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EudraVigilance with L2AI

„Full automatization where possible, human interact where necessary.“

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About p.AI

Founded in 2020

p.AI was founded to address the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry and in particular pharmacovigilance. As long-time employees of a pharmaceutical company, the founders had insight into the challenges in the pharmaceutical industry but also the opportunities associated with it. The first product, the L2AI software, therefore addresses one of these challenges: the immense number of Eudravigilance L2A adverse event reports that companies have to deal with. L2AI is able to automatically handle the largest number of cases from download to upload into the customer database.

Focus on the Pharma Industry

The amount of data generated in the pharmaceutical industry has exploded in recent years. However, the evaluation of this data brings great opportunities or is even obligatory, as in the case of adverse reaction reports. However, the manual evaluation of these data volumes is time-consuming and cost-intensive. Automatic solutions are the logical step here, but are subject to enormous compliance requirements, which makes the development of such systems difficult. p.AI solves this problem by bringing together experts from data science and pharmacovigilance.

Strong background in
Pharmacovigilance & Data Science

With expertise in data science, pharmacovigilance and many years of pharmaceutical experience, p.AI combines the high compliance requirements with the latest findings from the field of data analytics to develop valid and high-performance software solutions for the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry. The results of this close cooperation are, for example, automated software validation, automatic error detection and prevention as well as a continuously learning software system in order to be able to process even the largest amounts of data safely.

First Product (L2AI)

L2AI is a software solution for the automatic processing of large volumes of Eudravigilance L2A ICSRs. L2AI is audited and uses advanced analytic methods such as machine learning and active learning to continuously improve the results. Depending on the approach used so far, L2AI can increase the quality of the analysis and realise cost savings of up to 50 %.

Automated ICSR processing  

The L2AI software allows comprehensive evaluation and processing of Eudravigilance L2A ICSRs. L2AI automatically downloads, analyses, evaluates, modifies, codes and uploads L2A ICSRs including the associated duplicate and follow up detection.

Utilizing machine learning & active learning

L2AI learns with each new L2A ICSR. Thus, adverse reaction reports in different languages, with synonyms, abbreviations and spelling mistakes can be taken into account and what is learned can be applied to all future cases.