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The Technology & Facts

How L2AI learns

Continuous Improvement

The heart of the ICSR processing is based on the ability of L2AI to continuously learn from previous processed data.

This enables the handling of large amounts of data with minimal human interaction. Reducing costs, time and possible error sources.

What does the data say

PV becomes Big Data

16.7 million adverse reaction reports

are stored in the EudraVigilance System as of 2019.

2.002.814 ICSRs

were collected by the EudraVigilance in 2019 alone.

855.564 registrations

are listed by the EMA and have to be connected to the corresponding ICSRs.

172.762 direct reports

were sent to the EudraVigilance by patients and consumers in 2019 and with an increasing trend.

Source: 2019 Annual Report on EudraVigilance for the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission by the European Medicines Agency