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The Team

Why to work with p.AI?

Our expertise

Our team of experts with many years of pharmaceutical and practical experience in the areas of pharmacovigilance and data science specializes in the development of innovative solutions in the pharmaceutical industry and in drug safety in particular.

Our team has extensive experience in L2A case processing; coding, data entry, quality control, reporting of ICSRs from all potential sources; creation and update of PSURs/ACOs/RMPs and their submission (CESP, eCTD). In the context of signaling, we also have expertise in literature review and processing of MLM cases.  With our data driven approach, we tackle complex business processes, such as the processing of L2A cases, by transforming them into a digital solution through the use of natural language processing, forecasting, statistical analysis and active learning. By involving experts from the very beginning and in every step of the development process, we ensure a high quality standard and a customer- and solution-centred development.

We believe that the high safety and documentation requirements in the pharmaceutical industry, but especially in pharmacovigilance, are not contradictory to digital solutions, but on the contrary, can help to make them more reliable and efficient through consistent implementation.

We are looking forward to exchange with you