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Our Service

How our service is composed

Elements from p.AI


High compliance and safety requirements, with increasing amount of regulations and adverse reaction report amounts.

Automated Pharmacovigilance

p.AI leverages Artificial intelligence to screen and process adverse reaction reports (Eudravigilance L2A ICSRs) automatically through our L2AI software.

Artificial Intelligence

Continuously learning algorithm, fully scalable, audited by competitor and a former BfArM lead auditor.

Why you chose p.AI


Improve Quality

With an audited, continuously learning algorithm with built-in error prevention.

High Compliance

Audited by competitor and former BfArM lead auditor & no false negatives in validation-set

Continuously Learning

Underlaying algorithm improves over time, further improving quality.


Capable of managing high loads of ICSRs.

Reduce Costs

With a scalable software, working independently of the amount of adverse reactions and by freeing up employee capacities.

Cut Costs

L2AI can drastically cut cost up to 50% by automating the L2A case processing.

Reduce Errors

L2AI has a built-in error prevention, resulting in less errors and higher data quality.

Minimize Workload

After connecting to the customer database interfaces L2AI can work fully autonomously.

Our Service


Database Import

Import of concerning ICSRs into the customer database, partner exchange, data reconciliation, partner reconciliation, documentation and reporting of whole process to customer.

Modification of ICSRs

Automatic modification of cases such as: follow-up and duplicate management, id tracking, case nullification.

Adverse Reaction Screening

Automatic categorization and tagging of all ICSRs based on criteria such as: concerns customer portfolio, seriousness, SMQ (e.g. pregnancy related)

Data Import

Automatic download and import of required data such as customer portfolio overview and European wide product registrations into the L2AI system.